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  • Arnold Spee: Committed to Being a Poker Pro

    The most important factor of all if we want to succeed in something is commitment. With commitment comes perseverance and determination in order to attain our goal in life. This applies to everyone in general, not only to doctors, engineers, or lawyers. This philosophy even applies to poker professionals. Poker would not be called a gambling activity had it not been a risky game. Nevertheless, no matter how risky this game can be, there are a growing a number of poker professionals who are bravely facing this risk in order to succeed in the profession they have chosen. They are willing to do anything just to master the game and to eventually become the best poker professionals across the universe. These people strive hard, not getting discouraged about the fact that they are not only gambling their career but they are gambling their entire life. As a matter of fact, it is not only a gamble to their life but also to the lives of their families. But then again, their goal is to attain success, which they can achieve without any doubt if they will consistently hold on to their commitment to their profession.

    This is the belief of poker professional Arnold Spee. He was not one of those poker players who started doing such gambling activity at an early age. It was just that he was watching television and came across a poker game. He became interested in playing it and that was the start of it all. He began to hone his skills by playing poker at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, California. Of course, it was like a trial and error thing as he continued to play by applying the lessons he learned every time he lost a game. His commitment to the game included joining satellite tournaments in order to become more skillful. Yes, Arnold Spee experienced several defeats but as soon as he experienced his very first victory, it was followed by twenty two more wins in a span of four weeks.

    Aside from spending long hours playing poker to hone his skills, the commitment of Arnold Spee to his profession also made him study it tirelessly. And up until now, his commitment to the game has encouraged this poker professional to still study and play poker more.

    Arnold Spee was an active poker professional in 2004. He did not experience any first prize win during that year but he certainly had several money finishes. One was when this poker professional placed 4th at the Winnin 'O' the Green event that was held in March and another was when he placed second at the No Limit Sunday evetn that was held in August.

    In 2005, Arnold Spee won first place in the No Limit Hold'em event of the World Poker Challenge, receiving the prize money of US$630,880. In 2006, this poker professional also became a runner up in an event held during the 37th Annual World Series of Poker.

    With his achievements, it is not surprising that a lot of poker fans are getting inspired by the positive outlook of Arnold Spee about being a poker professional. He certainly knows how to make commitment work in his life.