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  • Basic Structure of Poker Tourneys

    Most of the Poker that you see on television are played in tournaments, and while they may look the same as playing in cash games, the structure is quite different. If you want to play in these events, you should be aware of how they work.

    Of course there are many different types, but in general, a Poker tournament is open to players, pro or amateur, who buy in or qualify via a satellite tourney. The number of players can range from several hundred to several thousand, depending on the size and popularity of the event.

    Players are usually grouped into sets of 10, as in a full ring game, and invariably, the game is No Limit Texas Holdem. They all have an equal number of chips at the commencement of the Poker tourney.

    The game proceeds as in a typical No Limit game, something that you see on TV. In addition, however, the blinds often increase quickly. The time when the blinds go up, and by how much, depends entirely on the organizers of the event.

    As the game goes on, Poker tourney players are eliminated when they bust out, and are replaced by another player from another table. At the final table, the player who is left standing will be declared the winner. The distribution of the prizes vary; some are winner take all, but in most cases, cash money is given to the top three or to all the players who make it to the final table.

    Of course, as stated, Poker tourneys have evolved; there are now events where you can rebuy; there are freerolls, shootouts, etc. To know which is suitable for you, it would be best if you take time to learn a little of each, and you will see which is most appropriate for your playing style.

    You should also know that the way you play cash games cannot be applied directly to Poker tourneys, and there will have to be some changes made to your approach. However, with the vast amount of information on the Internet, knowing the ways of playing in a tourney will not be difficult to learn.

    Poker tourneys are becoming more popular of course, due to the prizes that are at stake, from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Therefore, it is high time that you sharpen up your skills, select the tourney for you, and go after the big money.