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  • Get High With 'High Stakes Poker'

    High Stakes Poker is a television program broadcast by GSN in the United States which features cash game poker - a poker variant has no limit. Although the minimum buy-in for the game is US$100,000, players have bought in for as much as US$500,000 to US$1,000,000.

    Normally, a poker tournament or a poker show uses chips but with high stakes poker players, they may bring in and use cash instead of casino chips- a true cash deal and not a tournament. This made the viewers more interested as well as the players in the studio.

    High Stakes Poker is hosted by A.J. Benza, a poker professional and a former actor. This does not mean players are also professional poker players but they play along with amateurs. Some of the amateur players are Jerry Buss and Fred Chamanara.

    SOme of the regular poker players from season 1 to season 4 are Doyle Brunson and Todd Brunson, Eli Elezra, Antonio Esfandiari, Sam Farha, Jennifer Harman and Danel Negreanu, who has beaten by Gus Hansen with four fives winning US$575,000. This was the largest pot before the US$500,000 minimum buy-in game during the fourth season.

    "High Stakes Poker" at GSN on mondays is the first poker-based show and so far the named TV's best poker show for some professional players, features all players from amateur to professionals and from unsuccessful bluffs to richest successful players.

    All are enjoying "High Stakes Poker" and its happenings and variations. One of the unique things you'll see on "High Stakes Poker" is that the players will 'Deal it twice' in a heads-up hand, which means that instead of dealing one flop, they deal two flops, so each player in the hand has 2 chances to win how players get along with other players. Some of the must-see happenings are seeing players how they push all-in for a million dollars of their own money and how they successfully win with their unique play. These are all exciting parts of "High Stakes Poker" and the dynamics of the game. Things can happen and with the rules and regulations set by the game, it never gets easy to operate but it can be controlled and can be a lot of fun.

    People can learn a lot of things while watching the professionals play. It is very inviting because people will learn a lot more than having a tournament. Moreover, people wil be more interested to play as they watch amateurs play.