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  • Playing the Pairs in Texas Holdem

    Pairs can give you a lot of flexibility in Texas Holdem, but that flexibility comes at the price of complexity, and this is something that a lot of players find difficult to handle. Here are some of the things that you will want to consider.

    Of course, with AA, KK and AK, they should be played very aggressively at the pre flop. These are the best staring hands you can get in Texas Holdem at the start, so use them well. But for pairs like Queens and below, there are a number of Texas Holdem strategies that you have to consider.

    QQ, JJ and below should not be played pre flop, but a lot of players do. However, they are more playable on the flop, but if they do not improve by the turn, the proper Texas Holdem strategy would be to fold them. Even with a QQ, all you will get when you pay for the turn, at most will likely be a set.

    The odds of getting a set on the turn is about 23 to 1. Not to mention the fact that even if you do get it, chances are high that that Texas Holdem hand will be beaten by a higher pair or two pair. In addition, the cost of paying for the turn will obliterate whatever you may win in the pot.

    However, if you have a top pair, with a good kicker, and there are no straight or flush possibilities, you can play them. In addition, if you are on the river, you can call with them, as most will respond to that.

    The fact is that a lot of Texas Holdem players like to call with pairs, especially middle types, and this will put more money in the pot.

    The fact that pocket pairs can be played in so many ways -it can be folded in the flop or played all the way to the river- is what makes it so complex. Yet the time and effort that you spend in learning how to play pocket pairs in Texas Holdem will pay off in cash games and tourney plays.

    In short, all the hard work that you put in analyzing the different situations will pay off big in real game situations.

    While your opponents flounder about what to do, you will know exactly when to fold or play them, tilting the odds in your favor.