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  • New Poker Slots Game Guarantees Gamblers Playing Time

    In Las Vegas, it's all about risk-taking - even your playing time is not guaranteed. You may end up paying thousands of dollars for a hand that will last a few second.

    But that is changing thanks to a new video poker machine, a device that will ensure casino patrons playing time, regardless of bad luck.

    The new video poker slot machine is aptly named "Guaranteed Play". The game will offer players a fixed amount of video poker hands for a fixed price.

    For instance, "Guaranteed Play" may offer the player 150 hands of Jacks or Better for the price of $20 and 400 hands for the price of $40. It would take the player around 20 minutes to an hour to play these hands.

    It is a wise lesson for gamblers to always assume that they will lose their money, but at least they will have enjoyed the time they spent playing their hands.

    The video slot machine is slated to be available in Vegas casinos in six months time.

    "At the movies you know you're getting about an hour and a half plus some popcorn," inventor Jay Walker said. "We can assure customers that even before they leave their house, they know they're going to be on a game for a while."