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  • Poker Variants: Tahoe & Anaconda Poker

    Most casinos that offer Poker rarely go beyond the usual Texas Holdem, and 7 Card Stud variety. Fortunately, you don't have to put up with games you don't like or tired of. There are variants you can try out like Tahoe and Anaconda Poker.

    Tahoe Poker

    This Poker variant is also called Lazy Pineapple, and its rules are derived from Pineapple Poker.

    Suitable for up to 11 players, the game begins when the dealer assigns three hole cards for everyone at the table. The betting begins with the posting of the big and small blinds, to the left of the dealer. In Tahoe Poker the person next to the big blind starts off the betting. Bets for the initial round is restricted to four, and raises are set to the lower limits.

    The flop is revealed, and a second round of betting follows. Next is the turn, and as stated in Tahoe Poker rules, the wagers are now set to the high limits. After the river is turned and the final betting is finished, players make their hands by using one or two of their cards together with those on the table. Or they may not use any of their hole cards at all.

    Tahoe Poker also has a hi/lo version, and you can utilize two cards for a hi and lo combo.

    Anaconda Poker

    If you've never heard of Anaconda Poker, it's because this variant is rarely included in casino card games. Although formerly exclusive to home games, there are some online gambling sites that now offer this game.

    This is a variant of 7 Card Stud, but the innovations and rule changes are striking it can easily be called a variant all its own. Instead of getting one card at a time, Anaconda Poker rules state that all players get all seven hole cards at the onset, and this is followed by the initial round of betting. Then, in a clockwise fashion, each player hands over three hole cards to the players next to them.

    After the exchange of cards, the second betting round in Anaconda Poker begins. A couple more hole cards are exchanged, and more wagering follows. Players exchange one more card, and is followed by another betting sequence.

    All players proceed to pick out their best five cards from the seven they hold, and stack them together. In Anaconda Poker, the dealer will give a signal for everyone to turn up their top card. The one with the highest value card starts the betting process. This procedure follows until all the cards are lifted.

    There are some variants to this game, including high and low. The hand values follow those in other games.

    These are just two examples of variants that have emerged from traditional Holdem and Stud games. Try them out, and don't be afraid to make innovations in the games themselves. Not only are they challenging, but also fun.