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  • Essential Holdem – Countering the C-bet

    Becoming a profitable and successful online poker player is not a one-step process, nor is it something that can be achieved without tons and tons of experience under one’s belt. There are however a number of easy-to-accomplish things that one can cover in order to better his/her odds by leaps and bounds. The first such step would obviously be to secure a rakeback deal, like the ones available at rakemeback.com.

    Then there are certain basic moves one absolutely has to master, and one of these moves is the floating of the flop.

    Aggression has washed over the online poker tables like a tidal wave in recent years. Not only is being aggressive trendy now, it is indeed one of the better overall strategy approaches. With so much aggression going around though, there are obviously tons of mistakes being made all the time, mistakes which just beg to be exploited by savvy competitors such as yourself.

    One of the top instruments of aggression is the continuation bet, also known in poker circles as the c-bet. The c-bet is indeed a potent weapon (it’s about firing out another bet on the flop following a preflop raise) the goal of which is usually to force a fold. Rookies who don’t know how to properly float the flop will find it extremely difficult to fight back against the c-bet. This is where the floating of the flop comes into the picture: it is basically about calling the c-bet, with the goal of planting the seeds of doubt into the c-bettor’s mind and making him show weakness on a later street. Once he does back down, the flop-floater pounces on the opportunity and forces the original c-bettor to fold.

    This is the theory behind the floating of the flop. One needs to make sure that he/she never attempts to float the flop from early position. While the floating of the flop does lend itself well to all sorts of tournament and cash game situations, one does have to pick its target quite carefully. The perfect target for the floating of the flop is a solid TAG player, who has shown obvious signs of abusing the c-bet.

    The bottom line: the floating of the flop is a basic strategy piece, the mastering of which does not require a particularly high level of poker thought.

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